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Dec 29, 2011 11:00pm EST
. >>> a texas teen -- hours. >>> a texas teen made a tearful good-bye. this revealed something more serious. [ music ] ♪ . >> through the use of cards he let everybody know he was suffering from a heart condition. and his heart gave out on christmasing morning. the video he was viewed by nearly a million people. the grief felt by a family of a brutally murdered 9-year-old girl in indiana is also being felt right here in maryland. that is because elainea limbon went to skewing in hag -- school in hagerstown. she shea attended winter street elementary until june. police arrested 39-year-old family friend for the murder. >>> new information could crack a howard county cold case ten years after the crime. a young man murdered in a parking lot in laurel and there's still no trace of his killer. mike hellgren speaks to the victim's heart broken family. >> reporter: ten years ago, police found derrick peters shot det ded in the park lot in the north part of laurel. throughout the years his mother has been waiting for detectives to arrest her son's killer. >> if i knew who did this, i would go af
Dec 1, 2011 11:00pm EST
you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> what he told the court and why one charge is thrown out tonight. >>> hello everyone i'm dick carter. >> i'm denise. >> the over the robo calls gets its high profile witness yet. he defends his campaign manager. he speaks to him just moments after he testifies. >> now the stand for a few minutes, but it was long enough to tell the jury the high opinion he has for his former campaign manager and good friend. >> i'm not pleased to be here but it's the right thing to be here. >> former governor in a parade of character witnesses called to testify on behalf of his campaign manager, someone he trusted. he's facing charges that he and campaign consultant intended to suppress voter turn out with the 2010 election night are bo call that suggested there was no need to go vote because democrats had already
Dec 7, 2011 11:00pm EST
journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> light snow and rain. the forecast is coming up. >>> quick thinking prevent as bus accident. watching on the video as the driver looks as if he is nodding off a student notices the bus veering off the highway and got the driver's attention. the district has placed the driver on leave spending an investigation and the results of a drug test. >>> and in washington, dc, protesters take aim at the biggest lobbyist. two groups our dc and occupy dc join forces for the march. they went to the home of lobbying firms. the protest tied up traffic. 62 demonstrators were arrested. that's the most since occupy dc started. >>> the controversy is continuing surrounding the plan b morning after pill. as we report, the pill is not going to move to shelves after the decision. >> r
Dec 8, 2011 11:00pm EST
1994. ntsb says the site will make it difficult to recover bodies. >>> police in texas say two children shot by their mother in a welfare office have died. they say rochelle grimmer shot them during a 7-hour stand off with police earlier this week. she then took her life. the 12-year-old girl and 10- year-old boy died at a san antonio hospital. their mother went to the office about being denied food stamps. >>> controversial video surfaces showing dominique strauss-kahn minutes after an alleged sexual assault in a new york hotel. the video aired on french tv and shows the former head of the international monetary fund casually leaving the hotel in new york. another clip those shows his accuser a maid appearing to act out the attack to coworkers. and there is a third clip showing two workers celebrating. strauss-kahn's lawyers says itprovence he was too casual to committed a crime the maid attorney says she is reenacting the attack. new york prosecutors dropped charges after losing confidence in the victim's story. >>> if you want to quit smoking, the task is tougher in american. accordi
Dec 11, 2011 11:00pm EST
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Dec 12, 2011 11:00pm EST
've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> it's 30 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete warning weather is coming up. a famous music produce dies days after he is shot by a gunman in downtown hollywood. >> ohmy oh my god, are you all right? >> reporter: he was shot friday during 26-year-old tyler brem's violent street rampage. brem was killed by police. friends say brem was upset over a recent break up. >>> outbreak continues in russia. supporters of putin rallied after they won a narrow majority. putin will face a challenge by billionaire bucorof in march's presidential election. >>> the organizers of occupy wall street movement are claiming victory after a protest shut down a port. in oakland large crowds marched over an overpass and shut down that road. some truckers who were prevented from workers say
Dec 14, 2011 11:00pm EST
they want. >> cowboy logic. >> colorado, texas, you know. okay. >>> the forecast, some clouds around but look how arm this is. it's a mild night. 48 this time of night. it's ridiculous. south winds at -- that's what is doing it, five miles an hour. the beerometer falling a bit 32 inches and right now 48 here. the cold spot down in the valley there, cull beer land 36 and 43 in oakland and 45 and almost 50 right now in ocean city. not going to get very chilly tonight with clouds, maybe get up into the 30s. 44 bellaire and westminster and close to 50 still. 51 today. our average high is 46. 31 this morning. 28 is the average low. the record 71. 1929, yeah, 1960, 11 above 0. southerly winds, keeping this warm air in, a couple sprinkles and a couple spots. but tomorrow there will be a front approaching from the west with shower activity. the bulk of the rain however once again passing to the northwest, low pressure out over illinois it's going to head up towards the great lakes and up toward canada. it will drag that front with shower active toy to the region tomorrow afternoon and tomo
Dec 26, 2011 11:00pm EST
. >>> police in texas are looking for a motive after a man dressed as santa claus goes on a shooting rampage. the family of six started opening gifts, that's when a relative dressed as santa claus went in the apartment and starting firing. police have not said how the victims are related. >>> friends of alan gross are protesting for his release from cuba. the contractor is accused of trying to undermine the laws of cuba. supporters say they still have hope. >> we need to see justice everywhere. we stand in faith, in hope, in love and in peace that the government will have a heart and let allen gross go. >> the cuban government announced it would free 300 prisoners but gross is not on the list. >>> the maker of a baby formula tries to put an end to some parents fears. there -- enfamil says there is no bacteria in their formula. >>> no one expects to become a saint in sin city, but a colorado man may have come close. mitch gilbert was waiting at the airport in las vegas when he found two cesar's palace envelope with thousands of dollars cash. instead of trying to keep the money, he tried to r
Dec 28, 2011 11:00pm EST
and released. >>> hundreds of women showed their support for a texas mom that said she was harassed at a target store for breast- feeding. angry moms after they caught wind of the story. hickman said employees started to heckle her because she fed her mom in the clothing section in houston and wouldn't move to a dressing room. >> they came and walked by and shook their head and rolling their eyes like i am doing something horrible. >> the target officials apologize for the inconvenience. >>> a first of its kind law in california bands teenagers from buying cough syrup over the counter. >> reporter: the doctor's office is not the first place jennifer turns to when she has a cold. the 16-year-old almost always relies on over the counter cough syrup but starting january 1st, jennifer will not be able to buy a bottle on her own. california lawmakers are banding the sale to anyone under the age of 18 because teens are getting high on one of the ingredients. dmx can cause hallucinations and even death. >> it is the number one cause of abuse more common than marijuana. >> reporter: teens can buy the
Dec 30, 2011 11:00pm EST
in texas. >>> maryland's water ways are more dangerous than they used to be. the state had its most deadly year on the water. 10 more people were killed this year. the victims were sailor, water men and pleasure boaters. all the victims were men expect one and most were not wearing life jackets. >>> somebody left a large chunk of cash in some clothes donated to the thrift shop. the church won't say how much money they received but they're trying to track down the donor to make sure it was a gift and not a mistake. >> then they say no we really meant to donate that to you, that would be wonderful for our thrift shop and our community but we really want to find that person to at least be able to thank them. >>> for now the money is sitting in the bank. a worker saw the owner and the car but she just does not know who it is. >>> tens of thousands of people had downtown to ring in 2012. the fireworks show will be better than ever. weijia jiang shows us the prep. >> reporter: it's called the new year's eve spectacular for a reason. >> it's just so amazing, the lights just light everything up at
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10